I have introduced 10 users not upgraded V1 yet.

If you have introduced more than 10 users, the system will upgrade V1 on 1st day of next month automatically after it settle at the end of the month. If exceeding more than 2 days without upgrade, please contact us with the feedback.

I have spent icue coins still not upgrade V2.

Upgrading more than V2 grade needs to reach the amount during single consumption 1CP. if ordering the merchandise in the ICUEMALL, it won’t finish confirmation of receiving until upgrade the next month. you can click the confirmation of receiving the merchandise in the background of ICUEMALL after receiving the merchanadise it will show the status is completed within 15 days automatically after the merchandise is sent.

I have consumed second time. Why does not ICUE upgrade?

If your second-time consumption does not continue the last consumption grade, upgrade on 1st next month after the completion of consumption. Please note that the ICEMALL will calculate after finishing consumption.

What is the CP Value?

The ICUE upgrade is based on CP values. Each shopping will produce the different CP values. The users who cumulate CP values from 1 to 4999 this month will upgrade V2 level; the users who cumulate CP values from 5000 to 9999 this month will upgrade V3 level, and the users who cumulate CP values more than 10000 this month will upgrade V4 level. After you finish shopping, the CP values and your next level will be displayed.